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For a while now, yougoodai isn't working that great. The major divx site Stage6 went offline a while ago, and most sites changed. Yougoodai wasn't updated due to lack of time, and sickness on my part. Recovering now, i've made a small update that removes the broken sites, and updates youtube and google video links. You can now collect youtube links. I will make sure that in the future new sites will be added, and nice TV-Series and Movie playlists will be uploaded, so stay tuned!
 New release
I have updated the player. The interface is redone, and also the functions have been reorganised. You can now drag and drop files onto the player. The MP3 player has got some nice visualisation as well. Please visit the information page for more information
 Small updates
I've updated the download page. The primary link is now on Media fire to save bandwith. You can also download the updater tool. This will update yougoodai to the most recent version. It works with version 1.0 or higher. In the future, please use this tool to update, to save my bandwith.

I also fixed a bug where saturation levels where changed if you changed the buffer size. And you can choose at wich cache lebel the player begins playback. So Enjoy!
 New version release
Yet, another update! This is the most stable release so far. A lot of bugs just got vaporized! This release hasn't got that many new features, but it sure is an important release. This one will stay for a while. So if you didn't updated your player, please do so!

Go to the Download page
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 Yougoodai shop
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 New version release
I've updated Yougoodai Again! Tons of bugfixes, more stability and new features. You can now add a subtitles to Stage6 movies (or local files from your harddisk) You can now browse from the 'browse websites' feature. Check it out now!

Go to the Download page
 New version release: 1.1
Cool! new version!

Go to the Download page
 New version comming soon! - 07-06-2007
I'm allmost done with the new version. It should be a lot faster since I'm using a cache to store the links. It also has some shiny new features:
  • Featured Content - Here you will find cool and new video's
  • Website Content - Browse various sites, and show RSS feeds from youtube and dailymotion
  • User TV - Add playlists from webusers and see what video's they like you to see!
  • Local Contents - Play video's you've downloaded, or just play video's from your harddisk!
  • Simple options panel - Choose where to download movies, and adjust brightness and contrast.

    I hope you'll like it. Please discuss this on our Forum!
 Server up
All problems should be gone now! Enjoy ;)
 Server Down
Uh Oh...Our server is down...most links wont work, so be patient! Sorry for this.
 New server
We've moved! If you want the newest content, please download the new player, old versions cannot retrieve all the data. If you see a message like: 'download new version for this content' please update your player!
 New player
As I promised: a brand new shiny player has arrived! STAGE6 videos are now fully supported. Skip to any time without buffering! And ofcourse, the old flv player is still integrated. I will provide more links to great videos soon! So stay tuned!
 Over 2000 downloads
Cool, for a program that isn't working as i planned this is totally new to me, thats a lot of downloads! I'm planning a new release, that is more online playlist, and less unclear stuff. So online playlists will be the main feature. You can upload your own! create an account now!
 New website design
As a design student, I could not live with the old was terrible actually. I hope this makes my player a bit more official.

The next upcomming release has some new features, but i won't tell now! I've uploaded a new version, because a dll was missing in the last update.
 Forth Release, version 0.8b is out.
Check it out here

Some changes:
  • Player can embed SWF players now ( links)
  • Added support for more urls (dailymotion/swf/link and
  • Bugs fixed.
 Third Release, version 0.7b is out.
Mayor change!!! Check it out here

Some changes:
  • New Skin! cleaner!
  • Easier to use
  • Again, lots of bugs fixed (search, list, wizard)
  • Download online lists!
  • Windows 2000 compatible
  • New Playlist!
 Second Release, version 0.6b is out.
I changed the way the urls are converted. It works a bit faster and more secure now. I also fixed some list bugs. The player itself has a context menu (upon click) now. You can use it to switch aspect ratio and close fullscreen function.
 First Release, version 0.5b is out.
I decided to release my player for the public. I wrote it for myself, but others said it was very usefull to them. In this stage, there are many bugs. Please report them to me, so I can improve the player
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